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  • 2013

    May  Develop and manufacture successfully the first high-power squid machine in China.
    July   In the list of listed companies.
    August  Develop and manufacture successfully the first    used for the tuna pursing ship, and installed on ship in TaiWan.
    November  Establish the holding company “JESSN marine photoelectric co,. Ltd”.
    November  Gain the title of “Zhejiang culture construction excellent enterprise”.
    November  The “JESSN” brand gains the title of “ well-known brand” in 2013.

  • 2012

    May  The company made the strategic adjustment, planed to introduce risk investment fund, accelerated the enterprise development.
    August  For scientific research institute of China fishery machinery and instrument research institute successfully trial-produced the first domestic tuna purse Seine homework three drum winch.
    September  JESSN marine fishing equipment research and R&D center won the title of "provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center".
    October  Signed the agreement of "fishing professional scholarship" with the Shanghai Ocean University.
    October  Awarded the "fishing equipment industrialization base” for the national ocean fishery engineering technology research center.
    October  JESSN Marine fishing equipment technology innovation team through the "city-level innovation team" expert group acceptance.
    November  The successful implementation of localization saury sticked-held dip net complete sets of equipment.

  • 2011

    January  Set up a "Ningbo City marine aquaculture equipment R & D center".
    May  Investment to set up "Weihai West Port of FRP technology exploitation Co., Ltd.".
    October  In cooperation with the Japan OS SYSTEM company development and production of hydraulic deck. Signed with Japan’ Former Marine refrigeration project strategic cooperation agreement.
    November  In cooperation with the Japanese K 'S Engineering company development and production of marine hydraulic deck equipment.

  • 2010

    march  Cooperated with Iceland POLAR company development and production of the world's most advanced trawl plates.
    June  Accepted Dalian roebuck island fishery group farming equipment technology upgrade, The company formally began to enter the field of marine aquaculture equipment.
    July  Participated in the ministry "ship type development of scientific research project" ----variable layer large fishing trawler independent research and development projects.
    October  Signed "cooperation agreement" with Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai Ocean University set up "in  JESSN scientific research and the teaching practice base".

  • 2009

    February   "Zhejiang province ocean fishing equipment research and R&D base", "China ocean fishery equipment R & D base" has been set up.
    July  Cooperated with sanming cooperation, has been the sanming fishing machine in Japan the only partner in China.
    August   Participated in the national high technology research and development program (863 Program), undertook the "large pelagic trawl fishing ship processing key technology of mechanical project", developed and Studied on large sets of fishing equipment fishing trawler.。
    September  Was awarded the "high-tech enterprise" title.
    November  Passed the China classification society CCS's ISO9001 quality management system certification.

  • 2008

    May  Entrusted by the ministry of agriculture to participate in fishing ship standard system of the construction of the research.
    June  Participated in the national high technology research and development program(863 Program). Took "fisheries electro-hydraulic control key technology development of deck machinery" subcontract study of the topic, obtained 3 patents of utility model.
    October  Won the title of "China fishery equipment research and R&D base" awarded by China fishing ship fishing machine gear industry association.
    December  Ningbo JESSN Ocean Engineering Technology Center won the title of "Municipal Engineering Technology Center".

  • 2007

    January  The company changed its name to Ningbo Jessn Ocean Exploitation Co., Ltd.
    May  Undertook the national Spark plan "intelligent roller automatic fishing machine" project.
    August  The introduction of the first packet lead branch cable production line, filled the gap in domestic production.

  • 2006

    February  Undertook the national Torch Plan "intelligent drum type automatic fishing machine industry", made a great success.
    March  By evaluation of Ningbo municipal people's government of Ningbo city agricultural leading enterprise.
    July  Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification of China fangyuan.
    October  The completion of new plant, the company production and office moved into the new factory.

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